OKLAHOMA SKYDIVING CENTER is the BEST place to Skydive in Oklahoma!

With over 40 Years as Oklahoma’s largest and most experienced skydiving school, we have everything you could ever ask for in a skydiving center.

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Welcome to Oklahoma Skydiving Center the largest & most experienced skydiving center in Oklahoma located conveniently between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. (See our map for directions. Do not use MapQuest.) We are located on the 350 acre Cushing Regional Airport. These 350 acres provide you with the largest unobstructed landing area in Oklahoma.

If you are interested in pushing your limits or learning something new you have come to the right place. Skydiving is the ultimate rush of a lifetime, and may become your new hobby! Oklahoma Skydiving Center has NEW state of the art equipment, a newly remodeled facility, USPA rated instructors and training methods, and the most experienced staff around to provide you with a safe student friendly environment. We are a family owned and operated skydiving center with a beautiful family friendly facility. Whether this is for your birthday, anniversary, or just to feel the thrill of a lifetime we are here ready to provide you with the absolute best skydiving experience anywhere.

We ARE OKLAHOMA’S Skydiving Center and have been for over 40 years! With well over 200,000 jumps made at our facility we have EVERYTHING you need to make your skydive. You really have to come out and see what all the talk is about!

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member.

Oklahoma Skydiving Center